Enviro group

Our School Enviro group have been working hard. Have a look at what we have been doing.

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Enviro group

Here are some images of our plans for the 'potting shed' and some of us looking at the plans and thinking about what we like or could add to the plans. We can't wait for the shed to be transformed.

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Rocky Shore Exploration

Towards the end of Term One the Tui Team headed out to explore the Bell Block Rocky Shore. Excitement was felt during the bus trip - a first for some children.  Upon arrival we all had morning tea and then set out to explore what secrets the Rocky Shore held for us. It was wonderful hearing the children's voices calling out "Look what I found...check this out...we found a crab..." The children were so focused and engaged.  After lunch a great sand castle building competition took place with many awesome artisitic talents being revealed.  Following this we spent a bit more time checking out the pools, once the tide had gone out further, before heading back to school with new knowledge about what the rock pools were all about.    

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Pancake Day

On Tuesday we had a Pancake Day. Tui Team made scrumptious pancakes with jam and goldren syrup. After morning tea we had a tossing relay to see how high we could throw them up and then catch them. The seagulls enjoyed the scrumptious pancakes too.

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Room 2 Self Portraits

In Room 2 we are thinking about what makes us special.  Above our photo we have added 4 words that describe us and what is unique about us.  Our family helped us come up with 2 words and we found 2 words to describe ourselves. Feel free to come in and have a look.

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Look at this cool front star fish! We are focusing on looking at the bottom of the pool to help our hips and toes lift up. Don't forget to blow bubbles!

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Tui Team Swimming

We are learning to use a noodle to float on our back. We are focusing on pulling our head back, looking up and lifting our belly button and toes by switching on our muscles.

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Welbourn was treated and thoroughly entertained by the fabulous three actors who presented the RAP-unzel show on Tuesday,  The children and teachers enjoyed the cleverly written play that had familiar tunes with new and interesting lyrics. What was your favourite part and why Welbourn?

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The Seventies

The Terrific Tui Team rocked on in with the classic We will Rock You, Mama Mia, Staying Alive, Chirpy Cheep Cheep and the unforgettable Shake Your Groove thing! 

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The Sixties

The Pukeko Team proudly presented the Sixties entering with The Locomotion, followed by a dazzling Welcome to the Sixties (from Hairspray), Jersey Boys Medley, Room 14's Twist and Shout by the Beatles, Room 5's Surfin USA by The Beach Boys, Room 4P's Dancing in the Street by Martha and The Vandella's and a team finale of Shout by Lulu.

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