Pukeko Assembly

Room 5 hosted the first 'new style' Pukeko Team Assembly. We shared some of our learning with the team including the actions to our morning karakia - He kore he kore. Well daone everyone.

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The Olympics!

The Olympics are nearly here! 
The Weka team have decided to focus on 'What makes an Olympian.' Our Weka team will need to think about the values and qualities Olympians live by to become the best in their sport. 
Room 7 is getting ready for this topic by discussing what the Olympics means to them, and what they already know about it. 
In the picture above we are creating logo's for different sports that will be played in the Olympics!
Please click on the below link to check out some of our thoughts about the Olympics
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"What's your favourite thing about your school?"

Sarah wrote a great letter to Sticky TV which won the competition! The whole class won a colouring book and a BananaGrams game! Awesome! Sarah wrote;

I go to Welbourn School in New Plymouth. Our class (Room 5) does really cool activities. Tomorrow we are having a kite flying day and a shared picnic lunch with all our whanau. We made the kites with our whanau to celebrate Matariki. Tomorrow we are telling them the story of the little blue duck (whio). This is a photo of my kite. 

Room 5 have now written letters back to Sarah and Sticky TV to say thanks as we are pretty impressed that Sarah's letter was the winner for the whole of New Zealand!! Watch out for other letters that may come to a letterbox near you soon...

I wonder....What is your favourite thing about school?

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Matariki Kite Display Day

Once our kites were complete, we made a gallery and invited the school and whanau to come and take a look at our finished kites. We loved hearing and reading the comments. Once again we had tremendous support with a great turnout of visitors.Thank you.

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Matariki Kite Making

We had an absolutely fabulous turnout across the Pukeko team for our kite making day on the 17th June. The tamariki began by welcoming  whanau with a karakia and waiata before getting down to the business of sharing their kite making plans.to begin construction...

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A special visitor

Room 5 had a super cute and adorable little visitor called Roxy. She is only 10 weeks old and was brilliant with the children.

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Enviro group

Our School Enviro group have been working hard. Have a look at what we have been doing.

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Science - Natural Colours

In Science, the Weka team have been trying to extract colour from natural products to make different coloured sports bibs.

First, we brainstormed what products we could use to extract colour. We used fruit and vegetables such as Beetroot, blueberries, red cabbage and broccoli.

Next, we thought of all the different ways that we could extract colour such a boiling, blending, crushing  and squeezing .

Our main focus of this Science unit is using evidence we have gathered from our experiments to support an explanantion. 

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The Weka team have all been enjoying working with the Team from Sport Taranaki teaching us 'Skills for life' such as throwing, catching, jumping, balance, dodging and other such skills that are key to many sports. 

Room 15 had to work in small groups to move a hulahoop around the group without letting go of each others hands. Co-operation and communication were key to this activity. Another hulahoop was then added and had to go the opposite direction! What a great challenge.

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Enviro group

Here are some images of our plans for the 'potting shed' and some of us looking at the plans and thinking about what we like or could add to the plans. We can't wait for the shed to be transformed.

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