Term 1 Summer Sports 2023:

Registrations are now open, closing date is Friday 18th November.  These can be found in the office or on the school website.  Registrations with payment (or payment plans discussed with the office) are due back to the school office by Friday 3rd February 2023. If you wish to play please fill out the registration links below each sport. If circumstances change and you won’t end up playing the sport you registered for, please contact me and let me know. Sports on offer for Term 1, 2023 are:

 Summer Soccer (NE-Yr 6 ) - All games will be played at Merrilands Domain on Tuesday evening from 5:30pm.  Can be played by Year 1’s through to Year 6’s.  Teams will be made up in age groups, 6th, 8th, 10th, 12th Grade. This is a five aside soccer game with one or two reserves.  The games are 20 minutes long (10 Minutes each way) and teams play two games a night.  Parents do need to umpire and usually teams choose not to practice outside of game  day.   Term 1 Summer Soccer 2023

Touch Rugby (NE - Yr6) -  Hickford Park, BellBlock, Wednesday afternoons(usually start 1st week of term 1 and will be updated in the school newsletter).  Games are roughly 30 mins, u8s play 25mins one way: other grades are 2 x 15min halves. Games are approx 3:45 and 4:15 (U8’s) 4:50 (U10’s) and 5:25 (U12’s) depending on the number of teams entered.  Term 1 Touch Rugby 2023

 Superstar cricket  ( NE-Yr 4) -  Kiwi cricket (Yr NE - 2 new to cricket), Intro to Incrediball (Yr 2-4 players who have little or no cricket experience) and Incrediball (Yr 3-4 with some cricket experience) are played on Friday afternoons  from 5:30.    Term 1 Superstar Incrediball & Kiwi Cricket 2023

Any queries to: Sam Cresswell Sport Administrator, Welbourn School Phone: 757 5810 

email: sport@welbourn.school.nz